International Convention on Civil Engineering - ICCE2017

International Convention on Civil Engineering - ICCE2017

International Convention on Civil Engineering - ICCE2017

International Convention on Civil Engineering - ICCE2017

Conference - Topics

Conference committee will consider papers in  the following   topics:

    Structural Engineering, STR
    o    Structural analysis for sustainable infrastructure
    o    Structural dynamics and earthquake engineering
    o    Smart structures
    o    Optimization and innovation in structural design
    o    Environmental impact and green design
    o    Structures in severe environment
    o    Hybrid and composite structures
    o    Special structures
    o    Other related topics in structure engineering

    Construction Material Engineering, MAT
    o    Green construction materials
    o    Smart material
    o    Local and recycled materials
    o    Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA)
    o    Geopolymer materials
    o    Novel construction materials
    o    Lightweight materials
    o    Composite materials
    o    Concrete technology
    o    Porous materials
    o    Other related topics in construction material engineering

    Construction Engineering and Management, CEM
    o    Construction planning and control
    o    Construction method and system
    o    Information technology in construction
    o    Finance and property development
    o    Safety and risk management
    o    Other related topics in construction engineering

    Geotechnical Engineering, GTE
    o    Site Investigation
    o    Soil behavior
    o    Constitutive modeling
    o    Numerical modeling
    o    Foundation and retaining Walls
    o    Slope stability
    o    Soil dynamics
    o    Soil-Structure  Interaction
    o    Tunnels and Anchors
    o    Ground Improvement
    o    Geosynthetics
    o    Rock mechanics
    o    Other related topics in geotechnical engineering

    Transportation, Traffic and Logistics Engineering, TRL
    o    Transportation Safety and Planning
    o    Transportation Systems
    o    Highway Maintenance and Management
    o    Transportation Management, Economics and Policy
    o    Logistics Engineering
    o    Other related topics in transportation engineering

    Water Resource Engineering, WRE
    o    Water Resources Planning
    o    Computational fluid dynamics
    o    Hydraulic transients
    o    Water Pollution
    o    Physical modeling of hydraulic systems
    o    Hydraulic structures
    o    Water and Wastewater Treatment
    o    Groundwater resource assessment
    o    Other related topics in water resource engineering

    Survey and Geographic Information System Engineering, SGI
    o    Geodetic Surveying
    o    Photographic Surveying
    o    GPS Surveying and Laser Scanning
    o    Plane Table Surveying
    o    Errors in Surveying and Levelling
    o    Cadastral Surveying
    o    Mining Surveying
    o    Other related topics in survey engineering

    Environmental Engineering, ENV
    o    Energy and Environment
    o    Environmental Science and Engineering
    o    Health and safety
    o    Improvements in Numerical Modelling and Analytical Approaches
    o    Indoor environment quality and benchmarks
    o    Innovative sustainable construction systems
    o    Life Cycle Analysis
    o    Location and Urban Design
    o    Other related topics in environmental engineering

    Pavement and Railway Engineering, PRE*
    o    Pavement materials and structures
    o    Innovative pavement analysis and design
    o    Pavement management systems
    o    Long-term pavement performance prediction
    o    Non-destructive testing of asphalt pavement
    o    Modeling of asphaltic materials and pavements
    o    Pavement response analysis under static and moving wheel loads
    o    Pavement recycling
    o    Geotechnics of road and railtrack structures
    o    Railway geotechnics
    o    Railway structures: Bridges, tunnels and transition zones
    o    Track design, construction and maintenance
    o    Track monitoring
    o    Trackbeds: Sleepers and ties
    o    Other related topics in pavement and railway engineering