Paper Submission

General Author Instructions

Prospective abstract of papers shall be submitted via submission online below and shall be no more than 300 words, which is written in English. All papers have to be delivered in *.doc format.

 Deadline for submission of abstract is July 15, 2016;
 Deadline for submission of full papers is December 15, 2016;
 The maximum number of pages is 8 pages for all contributions;
 Papers can only be submitted using the online submission tool (see below);
 Papers can only be submitted if your abstract has been accepted previously;
 All papers have to be delivered in electronic form (Microsoft Word);

The following templates may be used to prepare your paper:

 Full paper_icce2017.doc

Artwork and Figures

The publisher will reduce the paper to 75% and print it in black. For this reason, please check if your artwork and figures will be legible after reduction. It is also very important that you submit your artwork and figures both embedded into Microsoft Word as well as in separate single files, with a preferred format of *.TIFF or *.EPS (see for reference: submission of artwork.doc)

Consent to Publish Form

When an author submits a paper or article to the publisher, the author is obliged to sign and return a Consent to Publish Form, which will be provided by the editor of the proceedings. With submitting a paper for publication the author agrees to transfer the copyright of his paper to the publisher, and the publisher has the right to publish the paper. 

Download Consent to Publish Form (pdf-file)

A signed copy of the Consent to Publish Form has to be scanned and electronically submitted together with the paper.

Online Submission

The online paper submission is available now. Deadline for submission of abstract is July 15, 2016Please submit your full paper before December 15, 2016.
You can submit your paper in the following two steps:
 Fill in your user name and password in the two fields below.
  Please make sure that you have all necessary files ready to attach to your submission. After succesful submission you will receive a confirmation mail from the Organizing Committee.

The paper which meets the conference criteria will be assigned to at least two blind reviewers for peer-review.